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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
I didn't vote for Obama to help maintain my gun rights. I voted on many other issues that you and your compadres here don't care about. I'm not single issue.

I can ignore any new gun laws just like I used to ignore the pot laws that republicans are so happy to subject us to and just like those pot laws, the gun laws will be ignored by so many people right along with me that the government won't be able to do much about it except waste money fighting it until people start to wake up to the stupidity of prohibition.
I doubt most of us here are single issue voters. The difference is, we prioritize our issues. Being that gun rights have been under constant attack, and this is an issue that shouldn't even be up for discussion as it is already outlined as an "inalienable" right in our founding documents, this issue is at the top of the list. As it should be.

If the roles were switched - if Obama, with his same ideologies, had said during the debates that we did not need any new gun laws, and Romney, with his same ideologies, had said the opposite - I'd have (begrudgingly) pulled the lever for Obama instead.

Instead, you gave up your country so dudes could marry other dudes. Or was it so that the gubment could have a say in what a women does with her va-jay-jay? Either way, you chose that as a priority over an "inalienable" right.
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