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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I'm not even going to pretend that I have read past this point.

Read the thread.
Then read this thread again.

consider it, and respond after.

I see, you can't be bothered to read a whole post but I'm supposed to read whole threads to find your supposed evidence. However, being an affable sort, I've done so and I still see no examples of the argument you claim to be so common. In fact, it seems multiple posters in that thread explicitly reject such an argument.
Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
Rejecting the idea of a god has nothing to do with evolution. Evolution shouldn't lead people to doubt there is a god, the complete lack of evidence for a god should lead people to doubt there is a god.
Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
Understand that none of this eliminates the possibility of a designer to me. It only contradicts the very detailed accounts of what kind of designer was involved by those that are sure they know Him to exist.
The closest example appears to be English's post where he writes:
Originally Posted by English View Post
No. It is two things. The totality of science, not just evolution, should lead people to believe that there is almost certainly not a creator.
But it's hard to say where that discussion might have gone given that you chose to descend into condescension and insults rather than attempting a substantive conversation, just as you did in this thread.
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