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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post

But it's hard to say where that discussion might have gone given that you chose to descend into condescension and insults rather than attempting a substantive conversation, just as you did in this thread.
I think that right there is the best reason why we should all be ignoring Doc. He's taken so many threads right back into his crazy realm of "atheism is a religion" and "everybody is trying to disprove the deity" that it's affecting the quality of the discussions here. Grape has already bailed again and he was one of the best posters in RI. I suspect that this was Doc's plan all along. He's a theist that's irked about the atheist takeover of RI and he's decided to devolve every discussion he can into madness until we all get sick of it and just go away.

Notice that he happily falls back on classic theist arguments and never seems to take issue with anything the theists say despite their being so much more certain that they know the truth than any of the atheists have ever claimed to be.
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