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Originally Posted by Cavalry PA View Post
The fact that you are stoned out of you gourd just makes it easier. What time to you start smoking? 8 AM ?
Why do you always prefer to be a liar Cav-Pa. I've noticed that about you. Are you projecting? What if I were to start saying it's a fact that you molest children, prefer little boys, and then used it in our conversations as my Ah-Ha! moment like you do with the drug horse **** and me. Think about it for a second. You believe you have a good reputation around here. The truth aside, how would you like posts floating around insinuating that you molest kids? There'd be some folks that would know better but there'd be some that might actually believe it. I've told you like 3 times that I do not smoke, do drugs, or drink. You have no excuse for claiming that it's a fact that I do drugs. I know you don't like me. I know we disagree greatly on just about everything. I don't like you either and that's ok. We don't have to like each other or even get along. But why make a liar and troll of yourself by acting this way. I know you can easily dodge it... you're well practiced at wiggling out of your lies. But why do it at all?

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