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Originally Posted by Glockdude1 View Post
During the AWB of 94 to 04, all Glock magazines outside of the U.S. that held over 10rd's, were marked with the "Restricted in USA" stamp.

I paid $27 for it off Did I get lucky? Absolutley.

I don't know if anyone else marked their magazines that way. Sig, HK, Beretta, etc......

Originally Posted by samuse View Post
I have a bunch of Sig, Beretta, Glock and Hi Power mags like that.

I also have a couple of Colt lowers with that stamped on the magwell.

Just a reminder of what can happen here...
NOW I noticed the top magazine in your picture.

I do not have any mags stamped like that, ARs either.

That's pretty cool and now I need one!
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