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Canned goods..

I ate green beans and corn from cans last night that were bought in '97. tasted just like they did then.

We did mac n cheese w/ vienna sausages today for lunch, M&C was "best by" Apr of 10, VC's in '09. Cooked/tasted fine. Salsa was fresh, but i would think it would keep as long as the packaging holds up.. tomato products being very hard on cans and jar lids..

Canned goods last a L O N G time if the can is intact.

BTW, I have been quite surprised since finding "prepper communities" on-line, at how many people are squeamish about canned goods in general, and canned meats in particular. A couple years ago I had canned venison that my grand father had shot and meema canned. They both died in '97. I honestly don't remember what was the last year he hunted, but probably '94. I didn't die. My father still has a few jars of theirs.
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