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4 FTFs with Underwood Ammo

Hey guys, got a problem here. In the last two boxes of Underwood 180gr TMJ, I've had four instances where the primer was struck, but my Glock 20 did not fire. I wanted to post up here to see what could be some causes. I'm loath to immediately blame Underwood, however I have never had this problem with Double Tap and shot a couple boxes in the last 3-4 months flawlessly. At the same time, Underwood Ammo has given me problems

Pics of the strikes

The 10 Ring

The 10 Ring

The far left is a round that fired properly. The middle and far right are both FTFs. They are sitting as they did in the chamber. I drew a line with a marker at the top and verified before firing. Took me about a dozen rounds, but I got two. This has happened at least twice before, but single rounds.

Notice how both of the FTFs seem to be to the right, instead of center? What does that mean? Anything?

What do I need to check on my gun?

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