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[QUOTE=NMG26;19910872]I currently carry a Sp101 3" and I really like it.

I would like to carry a 45, but I don't want to reload for auto. It seems the best 45 is an auto.

The 44 Special is a common revolver, so i thought it would be a good compromise. What guns and calibers are you thinking of?

I too wanted to upgrade from my S&W 640 2 1/8'' so I bought a .44 special 5 shot snub but the size and weight was to close to a large gun but only 5 shots.
I started looking at a 3.5 1911 but found they were both expensive and had reliability issues.
I went with a G27 and it was the best move I made. about the same size and weight as my 5 shot .44 with ten rounds and 100% reliable. I can carry it as well as my S&W and there are so many different .40 proven defense loads to choose from. my load is a 180grn. HST, light recoiling and street proven. before the ammo shortage ammo was cheap also. this was the first gun I ever bought mostly on recomendations cause I wasn't hot on it when I first handled it.
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