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Got it in the mail today

Even better than I though it would be. There is another zipper pouch underneath the MaxP label on the front. Didn't know that was there so it was a freebie pocket for me! Makes for a nice, readily accessible pouch type pocket for phone, keys, glasses etc. Stuff you'd tend to use more often and don't want buried.

Came with a very nice 511 first aid zippered pouch. I'll use that with the UTG Messenger Bag I bought. That is going to be my day-hiking type bag. Just got the Remora set up with my normal stuff. Still nice and light even with the off-duty sidearm. The shoulder strap is more padded and comfortable than I was expecting as well so I'm very pleased with that.

I'll see about maybe taking a pic of the bag and the stuff I normally carry.
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