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Buying a used Helle knife made in Scandinavia.

My "project" this year is modifying knife sheaths. Found a guy who started making Mora and Becker 2 kydex sheaths a couple of months ago and is selling them on ebay. Got one in this week and modified it to be a horizontal/behind-the-back carry.

As you are aware, many vertical knife sheaths may have a snap retention system for the handle of a knife. This presents some problems. Some of the cloth/leather/nylon material used in snap retention may shrink or get destroyed over time. And, if you wrap the handle or scales with 550 cord or tape, the snap system may not work because of the increased diameter. So, I am reviewing the youtube videos on using snap ring tools and will buy one, snaps, material and start replacing existing systems with more tolerance.

The foregoing will keep me busy for a few weekends.
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