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Can I get converter device, or I am barking up the wrong tree...
You're definitely barking up the wrong tree.

Get an aviation headset, or you'll have impedence problems and difficulty hearing and transmitting. You'll also have difficulties with intercom systems.

Bose is an excellent maker of aviation headsets. The newer A20 is one of the best headsets on the market. They're expensive, but they work very well, provide excellent communications, and make hearing other traffic and controllers easy.

If you're not certain how far you'll take your flying, a basic, inexpensive passive headset like a Flightcom or David Clark will work just fine.

Some of us who have experienced a fair amount of hearing loss over the years need all the help we can get.

If you're going to use a passive headset like a standard DC, then get the Oregon Aero Hush kit; the earcup foam, mike muff, ear seals, and headband. It makes a world of difference in head-clamp type headsets.
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