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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
What you say is absolutely true, Canyon Man. However, like you I am on the Border and one never knows what they will encounter on two legs in the desert and this is where numbers come into play. I have no problem with a revolver as a backup and do it myself. However, for primary CCW back where the hawks screw the chickens, it's a Glock or p229 stuffed to the gunwales with hot HP's & spare mags to who laid the chunk. As for critters, there are pumas here as there and although I have never shot one personally, I have no worries as they are light boned. Speaking of which, I swear I saw a Jaguarundi cross a dirt road in front of me the other night about 700 yds. from the Rio Grande!! : They are rarer than unicorn piss.


Well you've probably seen enough of my post over the years to know that on a ranch the size of this one, and my other brother's place as well near Ft Davis Tx. We have to be on the watch for the two legged coyotes, drug runners, and you name it trying cross the place. They can steal horses, butcher cattle, and start fires, and you name it. I EDC on the ranch a Vaquero 44mag/or 45LC and Hard Cast Bullets, cause I always have ! Ha.

And for a number of years a G20 stuffed with 200gr HC and extra mags in the saddle bags, for those times I will be a looong way back in the cactus and mesquite in high lonesome, in case it hit the fan I had some "auto power, and quick loading high cap mags. Also a long gun in the saddle scabbard of the lever type (i am still just old fashion and this is life style) but these big 45-70 405 gr honkers can reach out and touch someone real well. Ha.

The Vaquero side are is usually enough and I been shooting big bore SA's fo 50 years, so pull point and shoot is prett easy for me, and ain't to shabby when aiming at very long range as well. I have had to "point the muzzle on a few in my time.' In this case speaking of trespassers etc, and those big holes have always persuaded them ! Ha.

Other stories that woulsd be stupid to share on a forum (let the reader under stand).

Well amigo, just dropped by last night for a minute, and same here now. It is time to get going, so be safe man and keep your eyes along the sky light.

Adios for now.

Here's a few pics of just "Part" of the ranch, I've probably shown before...

Son at the gate behind the ranch house..

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Caliber Corner

Alot of country here to keep an eye on amigo.

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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