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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
I can only see one reason to get a dedicated .44 spl. revolver - because it's a 5-shot that is smaller for carrying. But if I was going with a 6-shot revolver, no way it would be .44 spl. - I'd either get a .44 mag, so I could shoot special or magnum, or I'd get a .45 that takes .45 ACP, if I really never want to shoot magnum
I don't have a dedicated DA revolver in .44 special but the Charter Arms meets the five-shot rational however, the 6 shot Ruger Flattop is really in a class of it's own in modern single actions in the field. It is lighter and sleeker/slicker than a Blackhawk in magnum calibers.

For me, being a handloader, if I didn't have a 4" 629 and I rand across a 624, with its lighter tapered barrel I would be every bit as happy since my "magnum" loads fall in the upper end of the modern special envelope.

When you discover that your special load will completely penetrate and exit your game at reasonable handgun (IE: how far can you hit it reliably) ranges, chasing more "magnum velocity" seems to be waste.
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