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Glock 34 shoots high and left?

Even from a rest with multiple skilled shooters the gun consistently shoots about 3 inches to the left at 50 feet.

Nor only that but it also shoots high vs any G34 I've used in the past.I had to use a .265 height front sight to regain impacts in the front sight as opposed to ridiculously over the front sight.

So what causes this? Is my slides ejections port vs barrel port at the muzzle not aligned and it points the barrel left?

Or is the locking block pushing the rear of the barrel harder on the right and tilts the barrel tip up and left?

I'll soon send it back to Glock in the hope that they can straighten it out...pun slightly intended. hehe But I am still curious as to why this has happened? What part is off and is messing with my alignment does the colleactive mind imagine?

Thank you for all ideas!!!
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