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Good Boots(yeah another thread)

Ok I am getting sick of the same old CRAP boots I can get on works dime...the same old crap thats barely ok or just junk these junkers include Magnum hi tecs,Bates,Converse, the sub $150 5.11's. No more not again.

I have 2 sets of decent boots 1 is a Cochran gortex one its a bit big and bulky but its decent

The BEST by far I have is a Pair of danners I think they are the Original Strikers most comfortable pair of boots ive ever worn and they last a good long time also.

Ive been on my feet a lot lately(walking instead of mostly sitting at a desk) so im again realizing how BAD these ones I listed in the first paragraph and and how GREAT the ones(Danner Cohchrans) are for my feet.

I need ones that hopefully(and I realize unless you tried youd not know the danners and cochrans do) will pass through a mteal detector without me having to remove them(we pass through one going into work...if your boots cant pass you need to take time to take them off and go through without them on...ive tossed new boots 1 day out of the box into the goodwill box worn ONLY that day for failing this test)

Give me some brands I may be missing...Im curerntly looking at another:

pair of Danners(though they have changed to the strikerII and I dont know if they are the same as the originals)



HanWag(though i cant really find a place here in the states that has them)

Meindl duty boots

they have to be black duty boots and preferably pass through a metal detector I KNOW the Haix,Lowa,Danners WILL im not sure about any of the others... also any other GOOD brands im willing to go say $300 if they can be resoled(i know danner Acadia will NOT go through the detector i watch guys have to take them off every day lol)
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