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Your striker assy appears normal. The "rear" part is only a plastic sleeve. When installed in the striker channel, the sleeve will be straight, or as straight as it needs to be. If it isn't broken, cracked or deformed, it'll work as necessary. When removed from the slide, the spring tension will cause it to cant slightly toward the striker lug. Your fired round shows a completely normal (ideal, actually) strike. In other words, completely normal. The problem happened with the rounds that did not fire that have the offset strikes. Something prevented the barrel from going into full battery lockup.

Are the rounds (pictured) in the chamber completely engaged? In other words, is the case head below the level of the hood? You can use a straight edge to confirm. Do the rounds go in and fall out easily? Can the round be rotated in the chamber easily, and still fall out freely? Carefully inspecting the case heads, is there any abnormality, such as any part that may be a larger diameter, thicker, or have a gouge (like an extractor mark)?

Also check the forward end of the chamber. Use a scribe or toothpick and scrape the ledge where the case mouth engages. Any fouling buildup (copper, powder residue, etc.) there can prevent full chambering with cases that are near full length.
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