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I've got a SoftCom, a FlightCom, a Sennheiser, and one of some other el-cheapo brand, the name of which escapes me right now. I never did get a Dave Clark like everyone told me to do, but I've been really happy with all of mine except for the nameless cheap one. None of mine are noise canceling, just passive, but I'm told by people who have heard me on the radio that the Sennheiser sure must have a really good mic on it because they say I sound really clear and undistorted on that one most of all - which makes sense since Sennheiser has been making about the worlds best studio recording mic's for decades. The Sennheiser is also the most light weight one I have (by far) and the most comfortable to wear for a long time. It's my favorite and the brand I'd buy more of in a minute if I ever need to replace any of the others.

And sns3guppy was absolutely right about the impedance issue if you try to adapt another kind of headset to an airplane intercom. Mechanically adapting it won't do the trick. Aviation intercoms have different impedance and require headsets made just for them if you want them to work right.

Oh. Almost forgot my most important advice concerning airplane stuff: After you get your powered license - assuming your a guy who's in this to try to feel like a bird, rather than an airborne bus driver - go to a glider port and earn your glider rating in a really high performance sailplane with long skinny wings. It's the most fun thing you can fly. Get into that, and you'll throw rocks at any plane with an engine on it from then on - I'm not kidding. And you won't need the headset when you fly.

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