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The little handguns require the shooter to have a firm grip and wrist for reliable function. A lot of the function issues can re traced to the shooter. It is why many consider pocket 9mm to be for a more skilled user.

I carry a Kahr PM9 which is very similar to the CM9. I find if I do my part, it functions very well. I carry mine in a pocket holster. If I am going to IWB carry, I can conceal a larger handgun and I go with. Glock 27 or 19.

Kahr tells shooters to load the first by locking the slide back, inserting the magazine and releasing the slide lock. Though Kahr seems to be the only one to recommend this, it makes my Springfield Armory XDs feed the first round more reliably too. Slingshotting can work, but you have to hold firmly and really release the slide fast and all the way back. I recommend using the slide release.

If you look at a fully loaded Kahr PM9 (I expect the CM9 is the same), you will see the top cartridge is at a different angle. The nose sticks up a little bit. This is to more reliably feed. The Kahr and other small pistols in 9mm and above have steeper feed ramps due to size limitations. These little handguns are a compromise in design and shooting skills, but they are very easy to shoot well.

The little Kahr pocket 9mm pistols are definitely great little handguns and highly concealable. They pocket carry very well and, in you live in a free state, you don't have a manual safety to mess with. They conceal much better than a J-frame revolver, carry more ammo and reload faster.
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