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Originally Posted by USDB2FCI View Post
Some Acadias can pass the front lobby. We would pick up our free one's at the warehouse then drive to the Danner store about 50 miles away and trade for the Acadias that clear the front lobby. To bad you cant do that. Sent from Sheridan
yeah that would be great...I actually just found that out today talking to a few guys....some do some dont...seems the guys with the NEWER ones mostly clear and guys with ones several years old cant. If I can get a good deal on these I just may do it! I love my Strikers but they cant be resoled(or id just do that) also saw Rocky has a very similar looking boot in the Portland that can also be resoled..but i think youd have to get a shoe repair place ..unlike danner

I can find the HanWags Special Forces boots(German made) for around $245 but shipping is the killer on those.
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