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Originally Posted by wasmeneh View Post
I have the opportunity to purchase a CPO Sig 229. The present owner has had it for a while but advises that he has not put a box of Ammo (50) rnds. through it since he got it. It is a 357 Sig just like my duty weapon was before my retirement. I have my Glock 26 for concealed carry, and a Sig 230 stainless so this would be mainly a range gun and one to keep at home. I may get a 40 cal barrel and a 9mm conversion barrel if I bring it home. Comes in Sig box with two 10 rnd mags. He's asking $550.00. What do you guy's think?

I like having one larger caliber gun at home, my other alternative is maybe a RIA 1911.

Thanks in advance
If you get it and need mags I have 3 Sig 10 rds mags for the P229 I am going to sell.
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