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Kimber compact CDP II questions

Just dreaming here, and playing the game of the ultimate carry pistol within NYS' insane new laws, what do you think of the Kimber compact. Any other compact 1911's I should compare it too?

Anyone have one? Know of comparison pics to a Glock 36? Or next to a 26?

I'm not buying anytime soon, just always figuring in my head that next gun

The compact has a 1/2" shorter grip, takes a 7 round mag, and has a 4" barrel. Also aluminum frame. Currently in 1911, I have a full size aluminum Taurus 1911 rail (I carry a 26), and the wife has an EMP 9.

For deer hunting backup, would the Kimber or a Glock 36 typically handle hotter loads safely, or no difference between them?

On paper I like the idea of the compact size, definitely the 7-round mags, and the 4" barrel seems a better idea than 3" for velocity, quieter, less recoil, better sight radius, and probably still carries ok

I joined the NRA, have you yet?
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