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Originally Posted by bccop View Post
Anyone try Under Armor Breech Boots? Getting a new pair of boots this year and have about $350 to spend. Need something light, durable, and above all very waterproof. These will be used at work and hunting.
I bought a pair of Breech around November of 2011. They meet two of your three criteria: they are durable and very waterproof. They are a full grain leather upper, and as such are on the heavy and stiff side. They are not light compared to anything but a Danner Acadia, but they are comfortable once broken in. They have a pretty clunky sole, but that contributes to them being comfortable. I find that they are excellent in the cold and acceptable in the heat. I only wear them about 25% of the time, though as the weight is a detracting factor for me.
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