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Originally Posted by CatsMeow View Post
Went to the Armscor range at MCS yesterday and popped off a few with one of their rental hi-cap 1911s, gun shot low and to the left and was awfully dirty but at least it was shooting, to make me feel better after the events of the past weeks. And best of all, I don't have to clean it myself after shooting.

Last Saturday (again to make me feel better), I drove to Pangasinan via Zambales, refueled at Subic before proceeding (gas there is cheaper). I met a lot of cyclists going the other way. The whole trip was 625km per the odometer reading and I arrived in MM 11pm. I want to do it again.
does that pass thru the towns of san narciso,zambales? that's beautiful amorsolo landscapes na nagiging rare na dito satin
Sarap roadtrip!
a GPS would be handy
it will tell you the nearest anything from restos,hospitals to vulcanizing shops in an area
Though of course getting lost, is part of the appeal
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