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My EMF Hartford Rossi is a .357/.38 that didn't like .38 Special ammo. If you cycled the lever too fast, the round would pop out the top of the reciever. The solution was to use a "Snakebite" mould that was part of a group buy maybe 10 years ago when I was heavier into SASS. This bullet is a 160 grain RNFP but it's longer than other designs. Now I load this bullet in my .38 Special loads and the function problems are gone. IIRC, a few of the Marlin shooters also had this problem running .38s through their 1894 rifles as well so there were some of those shooters too that got in on that group buy as well.
The only 38 bullet I use is the lead 160 grain SWC, which does function fine.
Could be, a different bullet nose, weight, length, design, might give a problem.

Actually the 38 functioned so well I was going through a lot of ammo. Even though it was my reloads I was blasting through a lot of 38 Special (Wanted Dead or Alive fast firing from the hip ).
I was glad to see Henry come out with the 22.
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