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Yes I think it's a valid threat to the sovereignty of our nation. The idea behind agenda 21 appears on the surface to be logical and favorable towards correcting our trend of environmental decay but if you read the fine print of agenda 21 it is a power grab that puts a select few at the helm of control. Written in to the communist manifesto is the notion of a planned economy by a scientific elite ruling class. These are not my words, these are not Alex Jones's words, these are the exact words used by the communist party who are subverting and co-opting the environmental movement. A "planned economy" is a dictatorship, period. Is it necessary? that is an arguable question, but to pretend that Agenda 21 can co-exist with a Constitutional republic with democratic principles an illegitamate position. Do I think that Agenda 21 will abolish all personal property (the goal of communism) no, but it would take us to the edge of the cliff and a slight nudge would push everyone into absolute tyranny before you could blink an eye.
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