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7lbs 5oz G36 With A 3.5 Ghost Rocket?

Okay, I'm fairly new to the innards of Glocks, but I'm not getting this at all. The Ghost Rocket 3.5 Connector supposedly goes into the gun with some fitting (which wasn't difficult at all), and it's supposed to deliver a 3.5lb trigger pull, or something like that. After putting one in a used G36 I recently bought in hopes of helping the almost-9lb trigger that came with it, two things were surprising to me off the bat: first, it already had a Ghost connector (angle looks like a 3.5lb), and second, even after the new connector and the 0.25 cent trigger job, this thing feels like crap. I am open for suggestions as to how something so supposedly simple can be so mystifying.

It has a trigger spring that's brown plastic with a spring in it, and this thing feels like it binds EVERYWHERE. So I have a few questions:

1. Which way do the pins go in? the front block pin and trigger pin have an extra "stripe" (detent) in them; which end goes in first?

2. Are there diagrams somewhere that show the order in which these parts go in for reassembly? It appears that the trigger pin must go in first (because it seems the angle of the slide release to get the pin in mandates it), but then my slide release spring blocks the hole for the smaller front block pin. Or am I somehow doing all this out of sequence?

Everything about this gun's trigger area seems to be binding on the trigger bar, so I assume I have something goofed up. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. Next steps are to go back through the step-by-step directions and videos, but I've not caught the problem so far. Thanks!
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