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Originally Posted by DylanPowell View Post
How much are you looking to spend?

Wesco boots are pretty expensive, but they are made in the USA and you can always get them repaired. Even though they will last longer than you will.
Between $125-300 id prefer a "resolable/rebuildable" boot if possible as I seldom kill the leather its self but often wear out the soles and insoles...and like my Strikers....I love them they are the most comfortable boot I own..but when the soles are gone...they get trashed cause I cant resole them(even though the leather is still decent/not trashed) LOVE to have a nice set of broken in boots that I can just get "rebuilt".

Seems right now im running into most of the boots on the market except Danners stitchdowns are "throw aways" wear till sole is gone..spend another $200 on a love to just send them in for resoling for 1/2 that cost.
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