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I had asked you guys mostly because Ive been dismayed at so many boots I figured in the $200+ range would have been rebuildable and not just "throw aways" at least resolable..and im finding that NOT to be true..heck many of the $250 ones are still just throw away types(except danners)..and that surprised me a bit I guess. I just expected at the $200+ mark people would be expecting resolable/rebuildable types..thus there would have been more available. Normally I get the throw away types and find them to 90% be JUNK bad thin soles, zippers that rip out, stitching that comes undone, non waterproof, soles that come unglued, or just simply uncomfortable these included(Magnums,Converse,Bates,galls branded,Red Wings,) all these I had something within the first year go "wrong"(one of the faults listed) with them..I cant stand getting them anymore so I figured id just gotten a pair on works boot plan of ones I can wear in the summer(new Ballances) but i dont really have another good pair of boots...thi\us im going out and trying to get something decent on my own dime.(as they wont be safety toed and thats what they want at work)

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