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Right on

Originally Posted by BMiracletx View Post
Well, even if you replaced your rear sight, as long as it is centered you should be within an inch or two of the center at 10 yards. I would say adjust it to hit center at 10-15 yards. I find that a good distance since sometimes it is too hard to see a small bullseye at 25 yards. I shoot mostly 5-15 yards when I practice.

Oh yeah... I know exactly what you are talking about... everytime I switch out my sights my next range trip is with my sight slider to fine tune it... I like to hit dead on... you would be surprised how a few thousandths will move that bullet...
I wil take your advice. The sights were visually put on by a dealer. I have laser, in the barrel, sighted them in, at 25yds, but have yet to get to the range. As I said I did not want to waste a lot of time so using a good distance will help.

Thanks again.
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