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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Anyone have one? Know of comparison pics to a Glock 36? Or next to a 26?

....would the Kimber or a Glock 36 typically handle hotter loads safely, or no difference between them?
I have both. Usually carry the Glock 36, although sometimes the Kimber CDP Compact.

Don't have comparison pics, but here are dimensions for you.

Overall length for Kimber is 7-11/16" including beavertail.

Overall length for Glock 36 is 6-13/16".

Overall height for Kimber is 5-1/4" with stock nite sights.

Overall height for Glock 36 is 4-3/4" with stock nite sights.

Magazine in gun for both height measurements.

Overall weight loaded Kimber w/Federal 165's using Wilson 7 round mag w/thin steel base is 34 oz. One in chamber.

Overall weight loaded Glock 36 w/Federal 165's stock 6 round mag with Pearce +0 base is 27 oz. One in chamber.

Glock barrel is slightly shorter. 3.78" vs. 4.00.

Carrying Glock with stock mag with Pearce has a similar effect as a Bobbed 1911, since there is no sharp corner. With the Glock the back up mag has a Pearce +1 for 7 rounds. I also added a Wolff +10% extra power mag spring for that mag.

As you would expect the Kimber probably has slighly less felt recoil being a heavier gun, but not a lot. I'm not too sensitive to recoil, so I may not be the best judge.

Either will handle hot loads. I run 230 ball for practice, but have been using the Federal 165 Personal Defense PD45HS3H which they claim runs at 1060. Not sure of bbl length for test, but likely 5". This stuff has been 100% reliable in both guns.

The G36 may be problematic for some shooters, but I guess a 4" 1911 could be too. My 36 has been good for 12 years. Just carried it yesterday when I was out and about.

As said I will carry both, but for grab and go, I generally reach for the G36. Lighter, smaller, not too concerned about beating it up, and still 45.
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