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If and when I hear from the manager and or John Mackey I'll post.

RGbiker and Lord, thank you for your support.

The day of 9/11 K/Mart pulled all firearms and ammunition off the shelf. I used to go thee a-lot. I hadn't shopped there since 9/11. Sears recently bought the K/Mart name. Sears supports our troops and as far as I know our rights. No signs on Sears or K/Mart stores. I now go to K/Mart again. I do my best to stay away from businesses/companies that restricts rights and poops on our military personnel. I do my best to support the GOOD one's. We had a list here at one time. It was L O N G. It went out of dated so I un-sticked it long ago.

If y'all would like to start building a list of businesses that support CCW and one for companies that are anti gun (either or, or both) I'll be happy to sticky it.

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