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I currently have three pairs of boots.

I found some Danner DFA's on their closeout website for $65, Timberland pro valor boots and Bates goretex lined side zip boots.

The only ones that I am wearing now are the Bates Goretex boots. They seem to fit ok and are not too bad on cushioning but if I walk a lot and its a long day of 12 hours or so my left leg and foot hurts but they may be another underlying problem.

On my Timberlands I had another pair for about a year and towards the end the inner side of both heels was compressed very much, more so on my left foot. I don't know if is a problem with my body (looking into it) or a bad boot. THose are the only pair of boots that have done that. So I wrote out an emali explaining it and they asked for me to send them back. A couple weeks later I got a brand new pair of boots in the mail no questions asked. I didn't have the receipt either. Very good customer service.
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