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Originally Posted by pal2511 View Post
I currently have three pairs of boots.

I found some Danner DFA's on their closeout website for $65, Timberland pro valor boots and Bates goretex lined side zip boots.

The only ones that I am wearing now are the Bates Goretex boots. They seem to fit ok and are not too bad on cushioning but if I walk a lot and its a long day of 12 hours or so my left leg and foot hurts but they may be another underlying problem.

On my Timberlands I had another pair for about a year and towards the end the inner side of both heels was compressed very much, more so on my left foot. I don't know if is a problem with my body (looking into it) or a bad boot. THose are the only pair of boots that have done that. So I wrote out an emali explaining it and they asked for me to send them back. A couple weeks later I got a brand new pair of boots in the mail no questions asked. I didn't have the receipt either. Very good customer service.

Ive got like 4:
the Danner Strikers side boot I own waterproof, good soles, comfortable.

The Cochran(not the jump boot style but i cant remember their name) boots which are also side zip..a bit clunky but comfortable and 100% waterproof up to the tops.

511 which are the higher ones that wont clear the detector they just mostly sit but they had rather thin soles and were just Meh for comfort.

New Ballance 6" which are fine but are kinda more to me "summer/warm weather" boots not waterproof they will be my May-Sept type boots. these are comfortable and go through the detectors
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