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Originally Posted by BMiracletx View Post
I don't think this was a question of proficiency, although you are correct. Still, POA should be POI for the gun in its users hands. Based on what you wrote, your proficiency is meaningless if the sights are off. Ideally the gun needs to shoot to POA, then the user needs to become proficient enough to get the POI he wants during a stressful situation.

We can argue proficency requirements but the bottom line is that after changing sights, the POI needs to be verified and adjusted so that POA=POI.
What I was trying to say is that he needs to go shoot it instead of worrying about micro adjustments (as long as it looks centered) and find out where he is grouping and go from there. Even then, if one is not proficient and is patterning low don't go out and get a shorter front sight and drift the rear sight to the work on your fundamentals.

I think we were just talking past each other.

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