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Originally Posted by kodiakpb View Post
What I was trying to say is that he needs to go shoot it instead of worrying about micro adjustments (as long as it looks centered) and find out where he is grouping and go from there. Even then, if one is not proficient and is grouping low don't go out and get a shorter front sight and drift the rear sight to the work on your fundamentals.

I agree 100%. However, he just changed the rear sight and has not shot it yet. ASSUMING that he is proficient with trigger control, he still needs to get the new sight adjusted correctly.

If he is NOT pproficient and is yanking the trigger and disrupting his sight alignment and all of those things, then I agree. All I am trying to say is even Sevigny would miss if his sights are off.

I think that we are agreeing here, just thinking different. If the sights are mechanically zeroed to POA, then any shooter with proficient skills should be able to hhit close to POA.

I have 19 Glocks and shoot 200-400 rounds per weekend. I think I am proficient. If I ever pick up a Glock and it is shooting right or left, then I adjust the sights. I can pick up any one of mine and hit center.

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