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I got a check today for a sold item and took it to the bank it was drawn from to cash it. There was a sign on the door that said:

"For the safety of our customers no weapons allowed"
While waiting for my money the teller asked if I wanted to open an account there. I politely and clearly stated:

"No thank you. I won't have an account in a bank that doesn't want me to conceal carry. I have been trained to use my gun, I have a license to carry, have passed a test and a full background check by The Commonwealth of Virginia.

Frankly, it is insulting to me that I am requested not to exorcise my right of self protection and the protection of those around me in your bank.
It is the same speech I have practiced and repeated at other businesses.

Her non-response told me I made a statement she hadn't expected. I didn't talk to the manager but the manager heard me because she was watching the whole transaction and clearly heard me.
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