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Originally Posted by DJ Niner View Post
Glock subcompact frame style comparison (9mm, .40, and .357-size frames).

Although the Subcompact frames have never been available in Gen1 or Gen2 styles, the naming convention used for the full-size 9mm/.40/.357 frames was informally adopted to describe the subcompact models as well. Along with no Gen1 or Gen2 versions, I have never seen or heard of a Gen3 RTF2 subcompact, so that leaves us with 3 basic styles or generations: Gen2.5, Gen3, and Gen4. As said before, Gen4 has been clearly defined by Glock. Gen3 subcompacts have all the same features as the full-size Gen3 frames, but there was also a very early version that had similar features, but was missing the checkering in the fingergroove area on the front of the grip frame. The smooth-groove frames have become known as Gen2.5 guns. In some larger frames, Gen2.5 has been used to describe frames missing the frontstrap checkering and/or missing the front accessory rail on the dust cover area of the frame; but because the subcompact guns have never had the dust cover rail in ANY generation, the lack of frontstrap checkering seems to be the only defining factor in identifying a gun as a Gen2.5.

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Tags: subcompact Gen2.5, subcompact Gen3, subcompact Gen4, smooth fingergrooves, smooth finger grooves, non-checkered finger grooves, non-checkered fingergrooves.

Very nice job! Thanks DJ!

I have one of each. Oddly, my first subcompact Glock, a smooth fingered gen 2.5 G27 with a slip on grip and that "pretty" original Glock slide finish still seems to be my favorite. My gen4 26 is growing on me. Thanks again for the great pics!

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