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KAHR Issues

So I have owned a PM40 for about a year and until this past weekend I have had little to no problems what so ever with it. As best as I can remember I think I have had 3-4 instances where the first round in has not fed properly and that is it. While at the range with my girlfriend this weekend this feeding issue started back up again and became constant along with the slide not locking back after the mag is emptied. After cycling through two mags twice I walked out of the range & into the shop and in a haste bought an additional 5 rounder which also performed the same.
I don't get it!!! I was using the same range ammo I always us but for whatever reason my previously trusted carry gun just didn't want to work. Needless to say it is on its way back to the factory. Any ideas as to what could cause both the feeding issue and slide to not lock back as described?
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