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Originally Posted by Joe32780 View Post
I sent Mike a note, if he isn't too busy I'm sure he'll clear it up, at least for Orlando.
Although Mike's a wonderful guy, he is the CFRPC GSSF Match Coordinator - not a Glock employee who can dictate rules. However, if he has heard the same thing, I'm sure he would tell you.

There are a lot of things that GSSF allows that are not in the rules - or that the rules seem to contradict at times.

Allowed (last I heard... but "tomorrow is another day".):
  • Plastic magwells
  • Plastic beavertails
  • Plastic unweighted grip plugs
  • Aftermarket slide cover plates
  • Decorative embossing/engraving on slide
  • Reshoots for absolutely anything including brain freezes
  • USPSA-type reloads unless specifically forbidden by local venue

There may be more that I am not remembering right now. I try to put these changes in my memory bank as they come along and spit them out when and if necessary at a match.

ETA: Plastic unweighted grip plugs added and "-type" added to USPSA.

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