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Originally Posted by WEATHERBY460 View Post
I found a Colt SAA in great shape at a local gun store today.

It is a second generation, (according to the serial number)used but in great looking shape.
Labeled stainless steel, but could be nickel.
5" barrel
factory grips, but look kinda cheap.
357 mag

what is a good price for this gun...thanks
well it isn't a stainless second generation in .357 I can tell you that much.

I get real cautious about advising anyone on the Colt SAA. A true second gen .357 would be a flag to me and I would want to make sure it was a genuine factory nickel job.

To be a bit blunt bout it, Colt SAAs command such a price there are dozens of "remade" guns out there and, if you are going to invest the money a good one will cost, you are best served by doing a lot of research so you KNOW what you are handling. Almost impossible to come close to the value, or authenticity (which a lot of the value hinges on) based on a loose description on the internet. Anybody who could give you an accurate evaluation would have to examine it.
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