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Originally Posted by Ferdinandd View Post
nice pistol for sure. I like the TRP, but haven't had the chance to shoot one. Specifically, in what ways did you find it superior to your S&W?
I haven't shot the S&W in about a month nor both of them side by side yet. But the slide to frame fit is much better. The trigger feels better. The TRP feels a bit heavier over the S&W, I don't know how much weight the rail adds to the gun, but I was able to stay on target much easier. The checkered front strap as aggressive as it is feels great. I believe if your hand was slathered in pig fat you wouldn't lose your grip because of it. It also doesn't have an idiot warning on the frame.

Don't get me wrong, I still dig my Smith and will continue to shoot it plenty often, it's just that Daddy has a new love now. Here's the Smith.

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