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I've gone through a LOT of boots. Trial and error. Maybe about 8 different pairs, not including UA tactical runners and my oxfords. I settled on two different pairs: 5.11 Taclite for summer, and Bates Durashocks Goretex for winter. Both have held up nicely, especially the Bates. I got rid of my Acadias and went with the Bates after talking with a Trooper. Good boot, 1/3 the cost. Also, it's warm, waterproof, and much lighter than the Acadia. I believe they have a fiberglass shank. Not sure. I know the 5.11s do. The Taclites are the lightest, most comfortable boots I've owned, including the UA Valtez boots. Those UA boots were way too flimsy and were awful on any kind of wet surface.
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