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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
Although Mike's a wonderful guy, he is the CFRPC GSSF Match Coordinator - not a Glock employee who can dictate rules. However, if he has heard the same thing, I'm sure he would tell you.

There are a lot of things that GSSF allows that are not in the rules - or that the rules seem to contradict at times.

Allowed (last I heard... but "tomorrow is another day".):
  • Plastic magwells
  • Plastic beavertails
  • Aftermarket slide cover plates
  • Decorative embossing/engraving on slide
  • Reshoots for absolutely anything including brain freezes
  • USPSA reloads unless specifically forbidden by local venue

There may be more that I am not remembering right now. I try to put these changes in my memory bank as they come along and spit them out when and if necessary at a match.
You mentioned that grip plugs were also legal some time ago... Not sure where all these verbal rules addendums come from, but you might want to add it to your list.
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