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Originally Posted by __jb View Post
You mentioned that grip plugs were also legal some time ago... Not sure where all these verbal rules addendums come from, but you might want to add it to your list.
Thanks John - absolutely correct; unweighted plastic grip plugs are allowed and now added above. Knew I had to be forgetting something.

These come from GSSF Rangemasters over the last couple of years. I ask a lot of questions and don't hesitate to ask for clarification or rulings when necessary. I'm not going to bust somebody for something that other ROs are letting slide - either because they miss it, or are unsure of the rules.

Although the printed rules haven't kept pace, the tendency at matches has been to allow plastic, unweighted aftermarket parts that, in the minds of GSSF RMs, provide no competitive advantage. If an RO is in doubt, they can notify the shooter and then should clearly write the alleged infraction on the scoresheet and let GSSF sort it out. A competitor could be moved to unlimited if the accessory is judged to be illegal for stock.
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