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Originally Posted by SARDG View Post
I was afraid that someone would ask that...

Would perhaps been better referred to as USPSA-type reload.

GSSF Rule 130.70 states (emphasis mine):
Make sure you keep the firearm pointed in a safe
direction (towards the targets) at all times especially
when reloading and unloading.
to do so will disqualify you from the match.

USPSA Rule 8.4.1 states (emphasis mine):
When loading, reloading or unloading during a course of fire, the competitorís fingers must be visibly outside the trigger guard and the handgun must be pointed safely down range or in another safe direction authorized by a Range Officer (see Section 10.5).

I'm an IDPA SO, and admittedly don't shoot USPSA - but I always seem to recognize USPSA shooters who reload with their muzzle pointing well over the impact berm. IDPA shooters... not so much.

GSSF Rule 130.70 above says "towards the targets".
USPSA Rule 8.4.1 above says "must be pointed safely down range or in another safe direction authorized by a Range Officer"

GSSF is now allowing the muzzle to be in "another safe direction authorized by the Range Officer" - which will not specifically be "towards the targets" and may in fact be over the impact berm.

Keeping the muzzle pointed below the berm will only be required if the specific venue/club has that as a normal club rule.
Some folks will also refer to this as a "tactical" reload. Some of our USPSA and LEO shooters will reload in this manner. Also some will refer to muzzle not breaking the "180" which extends vertically and horizontally.
I too wish that the printed rules would "keep up" and be all inclusive.
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