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Originally Posted by FloorPoor View Post
First post on the forum, this one just grabbed my attention.
How many of you have shot a big game animal? I noticed when you are "adrenalized" and excited, you don't even notice the recoil of a high power rifle, or notice the sound, but when you shoot the same rifle in practice, w/o plugs (not recommended) it is freaking LOUD! and recoil can be sharp!

I imagine the same thing happens in a SD situation. When the adrenaline is up, you won't even notice how loud the cartridge is. What's more important than the noise level is being able to deliver accurate fire, so get which ever one you will be able to shoot the best, and practice!
I have often wondered the same. I have shot a few deer with magnum calibers(270wby, 300RUM) which are very loud and my ears(no hearing protection) weren't hurting in the slightest!
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