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Originally Posted by gatorbait69 View Post
Okay, so 3 different folks with 3 different suggestions. LOL!!

I'm more confused now. I will just leave it and continue to read posts and see if anything strikes me differently. I like the idea of less felt recoil only because that will be better for accuracy.

Any more suggestions??
I have the:
22-lb Tungsten Competition Recoil Spring for Glocks:

I don't even know for certain who makes it. But it works perfectly for me, withouto a single FTF. I have mine paired with a 6" KKM barrel and fire mostly things like 200gr bulets at 1,150+fps or 180gr bullets at 1,350+ fps. I lighter spring may work better for lighter loads, but I just shoot my 40S&Ws when I don't want to shoot full-bore 10mm rounds.

I agree with the reviews on that link about the recoil-reduction. Mine is a Gen3 G20SF. I don't know how those springs work on a Gen4 vs. the stock spring and you need some adapter ring to make it work on at Gen4.
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