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Originally Posted by Brasso View Post
OK. Here is the problem with that accusation.


I don't want to hear it. And frankly, I have about as much faith in "science's" understanding of creation as I do in the Easter Bunny laying chocolate eggs. You don't believe in God. Fine. Your life.

Now stay out of my discussions about the Bible. If I want your opinion of how everything in existence sprang out of nothing and evlolved into a controlled order from pure chaos all on it's own, I'll ask you.
Luckily no one cares what you think either. This forum does not belong to you. It is not yours to dictate what happens and who can post in what. You don't like the diversity of responses you get when you post here? Don't post here. That is what power you have. The power to govern yourself. You religious people are going to have to learn (Probably the hard way) that you can't silence people that disagree with you just because you feel attacked when your beliefs are shown to not be grounded in reality. If you don't like that view point I suggest you crawl under your bed and hide away from the rest of the world. You don't get to demand that some protective bubble be maintained around you so that you can remain in La La Land unchallenged.
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