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Originally Posted by Vic Hays View Post
The only problem is that the basic premise of your worldview is that everything supernatural must be discounted. Therefore, any faith is groundless and there is no rational argument that can be seriously considered. This is not discussion on your part. It is warfare against anything that does not agree with your world view.
No one is waging war on you. Stop playing such a victim. You guys (Believers) are a majority in this nation. Yet you act like everyone is out to get you. understand this is how sensitive you people are. That anyone that disagrees with you is waging war against you. Poor you... 17% of the nation is waging war on you. But to your point about the supernatural... has anything supernatural in the history of the world ever been proven or evidenced? Ever? Anything? Why should it be given equal consideration just because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. No one is telling you what to believe. You're angry because you can illustrate it as true. That's what we represent to you people... you inability to reconcile what you believe with reality. It makes you angry that we remind you of this. And so you just want us gone. You don't want discussion, or debate... you just want your view held over top of everyone else's.

Originally Posted by FCoulter View Post
I agree with Brasso, atheists are here only to provoke, attack, and troll.They need a seperate section to discuss their beliefs in.

I am very dissapointed the the admins to this section have not stepped in and addressed these issues.

I pray it will happen soon.
The most fighting in here in the last month was stirred up by an Agnostic. This is not a believers only forum. I imagine our options are love this forum or leave it.
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