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News guaranteed to make your head spin

This story contains the following:

Evil union employees
Law enforcement officers

So, read at your own risk.

Well, the event that I was told would never happen (even though it is happening more and more frequently across the country), occurred last night.

I was at our monthly FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) meeting, when the subject of the pending AWB legislation was broached. It seems that, in 1994, the National Lodge supported the ban. Oops.

We were informed last night that a number of lodges from around the country are now sending letters to the National President, urging him to support the 2nd Amendment, and the right of people to bear arms - and to NOT support any further gun control laws. We were also asked to decide, as a group, whether or not to join in this practice.

Not a single person disagreed with supporting citizens. Hell, the President of my lodge is a CCDW instructor, and many of the board members are "gun nuts" (I am, as well - just not a board member).

So, the third largest FOP lodge in the state of Kentucky just voted to send a letter to the National President urging him to NOT SUPPORT gun control laws.

Yep. We, the evil union members who wear jackboots, are on your side. And, the numbers of us who are speaking out publicly are growing, as evidenced by numerous threads in this very forum.

So, please keep this in mind before going off on a hate filled spree against LE, mmkay? We really "are" on your side - and pensions don't much matter to most of us, when it comes time to do the right thing. I have been repeatedly assured that is NOT the case, but the odd thing is: none of those doing the mouth running are cops - and ALL of the ones I've talked to who say they will NOT take guns...are cops.

Hmm...who to believe?
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